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180DegreeHealth #18: Sulfur Benefits and Dangers

Sulfur benefits–there could be plenty. Dr. Garrett Smith contacted me right away as his guinea pig group of three was experiencing some remarkable things. His secretary had to stop using her reading glasses. They were all experiencing increased body temperature, increased appetite, increased thirst, and noticeable fat loss in the abdominal region. The benefits seemed almost too good to be true.

And, as often happens with the excitement of taking a new, effective supplement, they went a little overboard and started experiencing negative symptoms from taking too much. These were some serious symptoms that sent Dr. Garrett Smith down a long and complicated rabbit hole reminiscent of an X Files episode before cracking the code.

Today, he tells all in a very interesting, comical, and kinda scary story. Warning: the sound quality is a little off for the first couple of minutes, but then gets better. Hang in there until it does.

  1. Very interesting information, thanks to the guinea pig group. I listened intently because I’ve had a bottle of MSM and magnesium oil spray sitting on my dresser for months…just staring at me. Time to give it another look.

  2. Why can’t I download any of the podcasts? It doesn’t work. Thanks for help.

    • I have no idea.

    • I always have to download each podcast twice for some reason. First time always fails. Try it again and it might work.

  3. All people who has been to Hell(NDEs)report it smells heavily of sulfur.
    So be careful now;)

  4. That was a great podcast. It simultaneously made me laugh and feel better about myself. Very grateful for the warning and glad the doc is feeling better.

  5. I admire the fact that Dr. Smith has such intense scientific curiosity. Other doctors need to wake up and think like that instead of just going through the motions using the same old knowledge they got from med school back in the day. Good show!

  6. I had nearly the same experience while taking msm I had worked up to 1 tbl 3 times a day and after a week at that higher dosage felt awful and especially the unbearable right leg pain! The problem at the time was I trusted the “experts” more than my own intuition and went down that same rabbit hole. I finally stopped taking it altogether and it was literally months before that leg pain went away. I’m so much wiser now to know that more is NOT necessarily better and I certainly listen to my own biofeedback now. Thanks Dr Garrett for sharing! I may even start taking it again….

  7. Can we like, get a proper blog post on this outlining the best way to utilize MSM for best effect? No offense to the doc but I don’t want to listen through 52 minutes of rambling I just want the guts of it, and it’s really hard to skim-read an audio file.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  8. Gillian Anderson is adorable. David Duchovney is my boo from the 90s.

  9. I don’t know, thought I was listening more to Art Bell rather than X-files….

  10. Very entertaining! Question though. Doesn’t MSM contain anti-thyroid amino acids like methionine and cysteine that Dr. Peat always warns about?

    • No. MSM is a chemical compound composed of sulphur and 2methyl groups. No amino acids.

  11. I’m going to give this a shot soon. Going to start w/ 2g and see what happens. I’ll tweet y’all.

  12. Great interview. I have taken small doses of Msm for several years for arthritis in my back and it really makes a difference. Now I understand a lot more about this supplement. I am encouraged about its safety and effectiveness and thank you for the in-depth research! Maybe upping the dose will melt away the little stubborn belly fat, too!

    • What type of doses do you take for arthritus?

  13. When I heard about your symptoms of being HOT at night, and pain – I thought- NOW he knows what it’s like to go into menopause!

  14. LOL! I’ve been taking MSM for a year and a half. I can answer your questions…email me.

  15. Hello,
    I ran into some articles on french websites that got me interested in sulfur, and found this man who advocates using a sulfer product (like a polished “galet” to rub on the body where you have pain). He also writes about the importance of salt and manganese.
    I was about to order the sulfer product, until I saw a video of the man.
    He really doesn’t look healthy.
    I saw pictures of him when he was a little younger, he looked more “normal”, and it seems that whatever he does hasn’t helped him.
    I believe he has a goiter (his throat is very very swollen), and also has this big deformed belly… he seems uncomfortable breathing.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s silly of me. But it seems to me that a person who advocates the wonderful health benefits of something she takes should at least look reasonnably healthy.
    So I think I’ll just keep eating eggs…. maybe I missing on something, but I just don’t want to take a chance.

  16. I just listened to your podcast. Thanks for taking the time. I’ve been on msm (optimsm) 1000mg pills for about 4 years now, without issue. My dosage has been ranging between 2g during the first week or so, then I gradually increased to 4g each 12 hours. I haven’t had any issues at all, but I also have a lot of vitamin C in my diet. Do you think that may have anything to do with my bodies ability to absorb it/make use of it? I have noticed just this past few months that my hair isn’t as healthy as it used to be. I’m thinking about cutting back my dosage based on your podcast but interested to know your thoughts on the vitamin C.

  17. I’m surprised and kind of disappointed to hear Dr. Smith looking at blog posts for information on MSM and hydrogen sulfide. He missed so much clinical info out there from Pubmed and other more reliable sources. Things that would explain his symptoms as well.

    • Can you share those? I am looking into this as well.

  18. So in essence, are you recommending to take a b12 supplement (maybe one like Vegansafes) when taking MSM?

  19. Interesting. My wife and I have been taking a heaping teaspoon of Opti MSM daily for several years now without a single problem, except for a few days worth of flu like symptoms at the beginning (the initial detoxification). After that, it’s been smooth sailing. It’s one of the few supplements I plan to keep taking for the rest of my life.

  20. Thank you very much for the information about pros and cons of MSM. I was listening very attentively. Have one question: MSM removes heavy metals from the body. So,is it possible that it destroys dental metal implants/bone grafts. Can MSM cause a metal taste in a mouth?