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180DegreeHealth #20: Scott Abel Returns to Blast the Tater Haters

Man I love this guy! Scott Abel, back by popular demand, gets on the horn and rants and raves up a fury about the myths of the glycemic index, rolls eyes at the vilification of carbohydrates in our society, discusses the shady supplement industry, calls the fitness industry “retarded,” and otherwise had me giggling and listening with a good attention span (first time ever I think!).

Listen and learn about a supplement Scott is developing, hear about the “breakfast of twerps,” and learn the powerful differences between expertise and science. Pour yourself a big mug of coffee and enjoy over an hour of Scott Abel gold.

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For more from Scott, check out his brand new website,

  1. My grandpa ate potatoes every day and before bed he’d pour some milk into a tall glass, break up some homemade bread into it and eat it with a spoon. I remember he also used to put sugar on his sliced tomatoes. He was a lean and fit man well into his 70’s. Unfortunately he smoked and also worked with asbestos. If it wouldn’t have been for that…

  2. I do wonder why egg whites and not whole eggs.

  3. Thanks Matt and Scott for the podcast….can I ask though, why just the egg whites and not the whole egg?

    • I assume that Scott does this to keep the fat content lower in his diet, as is customary for most in the fitness industry.

      For those of you that aren’t familiar with Scott, he eats a low calorie diet six days per week and then has a giant re-feed one day per week, taking in up to 10,000 calories in a day!

      There used to be an awesome video with his partner in crime Kevin Weiss with Kevin going over the food he ate on his re-feed day during contest prep just a few weeks from competing. But it got taken down. Too bad.

      This sounds kinda brutal, but understandable if you are trying to maintain more muscle and less body fat than you would just eating and training normally.

  4. Off topic – just wondering where the time stamp on these posts is coming from. Right now it’s 5:27 am pacific time.

  5. I’m sorry, did he just say that he puts Aspartame in his coffee!?!

  6. Fun rants on glycemic index. And bashing Charles Poliquin (the guy who said “the breakfast of twerps”) is always fun. Poliquin by the way, eats meat and nuts for breakfast. God forbid you eat some fruit or oatmeal, you might have the dreaded “crash.” 🙂 Good stuff, Scott.

    – Ari

    • I didn’t realize that it was Charles that said that. Knowing that makes it 100 times funnier!

  7. The Satiety index is pretty interesting and makes tons of sense.

  8. I’m not against coffee or caffeine consumption, but wow, that’s a lot of coffee! I always thought 1 or 2 small coffees should be the max for daily consumption.

    I hadn’t heard of the satiety index before. I looked it up and saw that only 38 foods were tested. Would be interested to see a lot more foods tested. Why ling fish of all the types of fish and animal proteins?

    Also interested in hearing what he has to say about aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. I’ve always stayed clear of them and been loyal to stevia for some time now.

    Scott Abel is the great, would definitely like to hear more podcasts with him in the future.

  9. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard listening to health podcast since hearing about the alkalarian diet from that balding fuckwit from Hawaii who shits grasscakes, I forgot his name.
    Scott you’re gold, Matt I’m loving this free trial of the radio and your books are awesome. You have certainly earned your 2.99 a month from me.

  10. I get his point about the glycemic index being ridiculous, but the fact remains that the nutrition in the egg exists in the yolk… and most obviously, what a waste of food (assuming he tosses the yolk and doesn’t eat like 20 yolks on his re-feed day). Other than that non-sense.. good stuff.