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Monthly archive for June 2014

180DegreeHealth #7: Vitamin K2 and calcium absorption with Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue

Recently I came across the very impressive book by Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue entitled, Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life. So I brought the cool K2 diva all up in this mutha. We had a great talk, discussing–to my […]

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180DegreeHealth #6: Ari Whitten, author of Forever Fat Loss

Today I talk with cap’n wax and tan, Mr. San Diego meets South Beach, Ari Whitten. Ari is the author of the recent hot-selling book Forever Fat Loss, a book that I’ve taken it upon myself to stand behind and endorse. While Ari and I obviously have […]

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The Backyard Farmer #4: Keeping Backyard Chickens in the City with Kelly Liston

Kelly Liston from Oh Lardy didn’t choose the chicken life, the chicken life chose her. She’s a backyard chicken owner who lives in the city, and she’s not afraid to admit it.  Her friends & family all think she’s crazy, but she knows it’s just a matter of […]

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180DegreeHealth #5: Caroline Haagen on The Fuck It “Diet”

Well it’s about time I sat down and actually talked to this sassy lady, the guru of unguruism, Caroline Haagen. And I must say, Dazs is good! Caroline is a strong advocate of getting the conscious mind away from the plate, relaxing about what you eat, and […]

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180DegreeHealth #4: Midwife the Documentary with filmmaker Allison Kuznia

Excited to bring to you today a chat with documentary filmmaker Allison Kuznia about the film she directed: Midwife. In today’s talk we discuss some of the pros and cons of home birth vs. hospital birth and elaborate on some of the important points that were made […]

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180DegreeHealth #3: Hair Mineral Analysis vs. RBTI

To pee in a cup or put your hair in a plastic bag? That is the question. Today Dr. Garrett Smith and I recount some of our hilarious alternative health capers (such as our delving into a fringe system known as RBTI, which brought us many profound realizations […]

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