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SDP #9: Tina Swithin and One Mom’s Battle – What is Narcissism?

Tina Swithin of One Mom’s Battle talks with Liam about what many are facing in relationships, marriages and divorces in the age of narcissism. What is clinical and pathological narcissism? How is it different from taking a “selfie” or thinking you’re “number 1?” How does culture breed narcissism? And how do you deal with it in your own life, or in a partner? This and more on SDP!

Liam is an author, artist and radio/video host. He's done both serious investigative work, and writing about politics, culture, society and human sexuality, cinema and the arts. He is the author of “Official Stories,” a reverse textbook to all the tales we were taught in school. Find it at Amazon and online - because “official stories exist to protect officials.” Find Liam on Facebook.
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  1. Hello Mr. Scheff,

    Thanks for the interesting topic in this interview..

    Just a comment I thought of from the beginning of the conversation that this isn’t about a partner that ‘doesn’t communicate well’ or ‘kinda’ lacks empathy’..

    I get that you were looking for clarification for the audience but the content of your questions could lead me to believe if I had no experience with the topic that the lack of physical abuse was important (its not), or the possibility that the narcissist is somehow reasonable deep down and just doesn’t understand the situation properly or can be rehabilitated.. When you aren’t like this yourself it takes years to understand, to ‘grok’ the internal reality of a narcissist. So the good news is you’re not! 🙂 Congrats and thanks for the conversation! You’re authenticity comes through and helps immensely in the wrap up.. Awesome and important for those it affects..
    16% means that would be most of us. 🙁

    Ms. Swithin, been there.. though I believe mine was Borderline, but very similar…sorry for you out of personal experience.. its glad you were so brave for your kids and your future, and I laughed about the comment about the personnel of the justice doubt..

    Thanks again!