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180DegreeHealth #10: Jonathan Bailor and the Recent Quest Controversy

There was some recent internet drama in the health and nutrition world recently when several popular voices in fitness spoke up about some inaccuracies in a video produced by Quest Nutrition. The video featured Quest’s golden boy: New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Bailor. Today Jonathan and I discuss some of the recent controversy–where some of the commenters got it right, and where words were stolen out of Bailor’s mouth and spun in an unfair or inaccurate way. We also break down some of the disconnects between the Calorieists (all you have to do to get lean is cut your calories) and the Qualityists (focus on what you’re eating, not how much, and your weight will drop effortlessly without having to count calories).

Enjoy the lively and informative talk!

For more from Jonathan: If you’re seeing this on Wednesday, July 9th, you can actually get his NY Times bestselling book The Calorie Myth for just 99 cents HERE.

Jonathan’s public statement regarding the removal of the videos can be found HERE.

Jason Blaha’s thoughts

Layne Norton’s thoughts

  1. Love listening to these podcasts Matt, but I was wondering what happened to Joni Albott, Liam Scheff, Yusuf, Bella, and Joe. I liked listening to all their radio shows as well. Will they be coming back?

    • Bella’s got a new one coming out soon. Liam is off to other things. Last time I heard from Joe he had just finished constructing some kind of homemade recording studio and seemed pretty fired up, but that was weeks ago and nothing but crickets since. Haven’t heard from Joni in a while, but I’m pretty sure she’s got several put together and waiting to be released. And Yusuf’s been quiet, which is a bummer because I honestly think he’s a genuine interviewing talent.

      I hope they keep putting out content just as much as you do! I figure with me persistently putting out content and getting some subscribers in here, we’ll eventually start seeing more activity. I was a little aloof at first, which probably made all these people question whether 180 Radio was ever really going to come to life, but come to life it has! And, to my surprise, I’m actually really enjoying podcasting.

      • I’m really happy about 180radio! I love the variety and I’m a podcast and audiobook addict because I never really have time to sit down and read anything, on the computer or paper. I’m glad I subscribed!

  2. Matt,

    First of all, that is the most awesome intro EVER. Laughing my ass off.

    Second, as far as the interview itself. I thought he was very evasive, and was changing the frame of the argument rather than just admitting that he had said things which are scientifically inaccurate.

    Matt, I thought you did an absolutely phenomenal job of challenging him on important questions and giving him opportunities to admit that he said several things which are wrong/half-truths, while also being VERY gentle and non-challenging.

    Well done, Matt.

    – Ari

    • Man, I was dying for this thing to be super real. But alas, Jonathan gave many politician-esque answers. I think Inyigo Montoya said it best when he stated:

      “Sorry father. I tried.”

  3. ERoseC yes I have one that I am posting soon! Been head deep in a big project… But have an interview on a bit of a taboo subject that should be interesting and deeply thought provoking if you listen to it from start to finish.


  4. Where can I read more about the Quest scandal? I’m trying to understand what’s happened from the beginning. Thanks!

    • The best places are Layne Norton and Jason Blaha’s videos, which I linked to in the write-up for this episode.

  5. Layne Norton would be an interesting guest on the show.