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180DegreeHealth #12: The Real Science of Obesity with Stephan Guyenet

yulefishWhat’s to be said about this really? Two similarly-aged guys that started blogging on Blogger at about the same time and writing about the same thing and coming to strikingly similar conclusions about a variety of different things along the way sit down and talk for the very first time. Ever.

If you’re still reading this and not listening by now, you probably aren’t even really interested in health, nutrition, metabolism, and the science of bodyfat regulation. Not a bad thing really. I’m envious.

As far as I’m concerned this is the conversational equivalent of a leaked Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape.

If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry. I have no clue myself. I just know that there is something earth-shatteringly awesome about the Stone-Guyenet combo. Listen as we discuss obesity, body weight set point regulation, leptin resistance, and other things from an intelligent and well-studied point of view–yet still being down-to-earth enough to use “shitload” as a unit of measurement. It’s perfection.

And nothing competitive or confrontational about it. I just catch bigger fish than Stephan that’s all.


  1. Epic!

  2. What’s that song at the end?

  3. For the most part, it seems to come down to energy bacanle vs. imbalance.. And it’s way easier to overeat on processed foods, whereas I often have a hard time getting enough calories from real foods. I live in the Midwest US, and have traveled to a few places.. People were leaner in Colorado, much bigger in Texas. And what I noticed about Texas was that everything was fried.. The shrimp, the oreos, the snickers, the chicken, the Reese’s.. All fried. That also makes it easier to pack in the calories, and it’s a nutritionless combo of carbs and fats usually, yes. But still vastly different from eggs, avocados, mangoes, sweet potatoes, other whole food forms of fats and carbs that are quite healthy. And people there thought butter was bad for you. But those veg oils are great! And people around here are obsessed with diets. And once the fad diet is over and they’ve lost weight, they go back to high cal processed foods. Yo-yoing is ridiculously common. People are really confused about what is healthy, and don’t pay attention to micros. I’ve had people recently tell me things like carbs and fats are both unhealthy (so wtf do they eat?). And that OJ is just as bad as Diet Coke. It’s mind boggling to me that people don’t pay attention to food additives, or care about food quality, and people tease me all the time for caring. Because it’s just that abnormal. People believe that low cal processed shit is better than things like full fat dairy (special K bars vs. raw milk, or 100 calorie pack vs. eggs, etc.). Because they care about calories, but don’t really understand them. And end up eating 6 100 calorie packs to feel satisfied vs. the three eggs it would have taken. 😛 I think there are a lot of great points brought up here. But I think all of the things mentioned here are contributing. Lack of sleep, no concern for food quality, high stress, ignorance to what is truly healthy, and energy imbalance. It’s all a big mess. /: