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180DegreeHealth #16: The Psychology of Eating with Marc David

Today Marc David and I swap stories about our remarkably similar experience that fueled our mutual interest in the psychology of eating as well as metabolism.

Only a couple mountain ranges apart in our country’s most unpopulated state, Marc and I both had perilous experiences that nearly took our lives (he came much closer to death than I did), and the funny thing is that both of us had intentions on improving our physical and psychological health with what we set out to do.

But after nearly committing suicide by health, we both realized our folly, and our experiences fueled us both to communicate with as many people as we could to help prevent them from making similar mistakes of varying degrees of severity.

Listen in as we discuss body dysmorphia, eating disorders, the psychology of eating, and the event that took Marc down to a frightening 106 pounds on the verge of starvation in Grand Teton National Park.

From more from Marc, visit The Psychology of Eating.

  1. Loved that you closed out the interview with Transatlanticism. 🙂

    • It was a coin toss between that and Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s, lol.

  2. “and I look in the mirror, and the first moment I looked in the mirror I’m just seeing me, and I’m seeing a guy that I’m like, ‘I could probably trim down a little bit more here’ how could I be 106 lbs?”

    Whoa. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone capture dysmorphia so well. Thank you both for this.

  3. Matt thank you for your interview with Marc David! What an awesome guy he is. I found him a while ago and ironically use many of his techniques along with yours. Truly a match made in heaven:)

  4. Excellent interview. I loved the part about “why” – why focus on health, nutrition & fitness at all, and that he’s observed many who focus on these things almost make their body “their job” and are somewhat shallow. Weeee doggies! LOL After working in the fitness industry since the days of leg warmers & shiny tights I can verify that.

    However I would say that most folks past a certain age (say 40ish) are struggling with some health issue that they want to resolve, or are trying to fend off the degenerative changes that come from being too inactive too long – weight gain being one of them. Ultimately though, this should not absorb our entire life.

    I have lately been studying how being devoted to a “fitness” practice may actually *cause* chronic, degenerative problems – I’m old enough to look around at so many of my peers & colleagues who are “fit” but have had joints replaced, or serious diseases like MS & cancer. Exercising didn’t exclude them from those clubs & I’m suspecting it may well have contributed. Endurance exercise in particular. I also think the high intensity stuff (HIIT) is being over done.

    Thanks Matt. Love your work & where you’re going with things. You’ve given me a lot of food for thought and have done it in a way that has challenged me but made me laugh at the same time. I look forward to new stuff on 180D & 180 radio like a little kid waiting for the prize for sending in box tops. Heehee

  5. Hey Matt,

    One of the reasons I appreciate this interview, as well as your work and Marc’s is this..

    You are men.

    I know, not a revelation to you! but one of the subconscious tidbits around our dysfunction collectively
    I believe is a judgement of women who say what you have both said here..

    Its as if the listener, either male or female,( they are equally pitiful) would say in their minds, “Poor dear,
    she must be totally obsessed with her body because she’s fat and lazy and lies about how many
    calories she eats. Get off your ass and you won’t be so fat! Its simple.. now where did I put the
    remote control?..’

    You guys are young and fit and good looking and it will sit differently in the audience whether its owned
    psychologically by the individual or not. It gets passed those nasty fitters that keep folks hypnotized.

    So thanks. Its brutal out there… You make a difference…

    • Hey we try McLaura! Thanks for the comment.