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180DegreeHealth #19: The Darkside of Bikini Competition with Madelyn Moon

Today I’m happy to be chatting with a friend of mine, Madelyn Moon, about the very difficult metabolic and psychological experience of having been a successful bikini competitor several years ago. While she might have fit the perfect aesthetic ideal that’s often mistaken for perfect health and fitness by the general public, her experiences suggest anything but.

Listen as Madelyn tells her story, and shares with me the ironic truth that the more “perfect” and “sexy” she became, the more disinterested she became in relationships, dating, and sex–and even went YEARS without dating anyone during this confusing and constipated time in her life.

If you like listening to the two of us chat, you’ll also love my appearance on her podcast from earlier this year in episode 2 HERE. Find out more about Madelyn at