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180DegreeHealth #21: Middle-Aged Weight Loss with Lianda Ludwig

Today I’m joined by Lianda Ludwig, author of Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight. Lianda, a woman in her 60’s that spent the better part of her life trying to diet her way thin to no avail, has spent the last several years making peace with her body and trying a non-dieting approach to her weight and her life in general.

In our conversation we discuss why dieting as an approach to weight loss is a foolish strategy at any age, and how maintaining one’s weight or even losing weight is best achieved without “trying” to lose it at all, focusing more instead on stress reduction and resolving old binge tendencies by allowing yourself to eat whatever you like without remorse.

While this theme is shouted repeatedly at 180D, it never hurts to hear it reiterated once again from someone living it and loving it. Enjoy!

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  1. I agree with much of Lianda is saying but come on, being in the 120’s in your 20s to me indicates that she did not struggle with what 20 year olds today are dealing with. I know so many girls, even in their teens, who are NOT dieting, but yet they are 40, 60 or even 100 pounds overweight. These are intelligent young ladies who are from families that don’t eat Poptarts everyday but eat a normal diet of meals cooked at home by loving parents. Let’s get the message out that obesity is NOT due to laziness or gluttony but is a metabolic problem. But to tell them to love their obese body – no way! Lets get to the bottom of this epidemic. When I see Joan Lundon with her bald head on the cover of people magazine saying she will fight her disease (cancer), I admire that approach. Obesity is a metabolic disease and to ask girls to resign themselves to it is cruelty!

  2. Anne-
    Thanks for your comment. There are many causes of overweight- and the one that I spoke about was metabolic changes caused by dieting.

    For girls who are as you say, 40,60 or 100 pounds overweight, there may be a number of different causes for their condition. But the thing I can assure you is hating your body, and trying to beat it into losing weight with starvation dieting and over-exercising will only sabotage the problem. No matter what the cause: disease, heredity, toxicity from plastic/teflon etc, bullying, humiliation or abuse- it will all respond to the practice of stress relief.

    There are many different methods of course – meditation, mindful eating, cardio-contemplation- e.g. HeartMath® biofeedback, EFT tapping, Gentle yoga, walking in nature, breathing….. But whatever a person will do with regularity will help them deal with “what is”. The things you focus on negatively actually restructure your brain, and not for the better. The things you resist persist.

    And if the bottom line is: if they cannot budge the fat from their body they better learn to love and accept themselves the way they are. Because being overweight is not a crime (it’s not a disease either) and it doesn’t mean you are a bad or lazy, undisciplined person.

    Unfortunately the ignorant and condemning slender population that blame and judge overweight people will make them feel miserable unless the overweight person can build up their own self-esteem and see themselves as more than a body! And the only way their lives will be tolerable is by learning to accept their body. An amazingly enough, this is often the time that the “placebo” effect kicks in, and transformation begins. With acceptance – not fighting. (that’s actually shown in research with cancer and other diseases – and the power of prayer)

    Believe me, I understand that it’s a hard road- that’s why I choose to support women (and men) on this path.