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180DegreeHealth #22: What is Proper Hydration?

So what is proper hydration?

This month ol’ Doc Gizzle and I got on Skype, and the first thing he voiced was a growing concern about dehydration based on things that he’s been seeing in his practice. As often happens when a piece of information is disseminated, such as my information about the perils of overhydration, many have the habit of taking it too far. You take it too far, and you’re gonna have a bad time.

Also of interest, and we discuss this on the call, is the dramatically increased need for fluids as metabolic rate rises–and thus the perpetual need to monitor hydration levels and biofeedback in determining what the ideal ratio of calories, carbs, and salt to water will be at any given time.

And finally, Dr. Smith had yet another breakthrough in his sulfur experiment that seems to have brought the sulfur saga discussed in our last podcast to a reasonable conclusion.

Listen in to hear some of the signs that you may be drinking too much or too little to better determine your own optimal fluid intake du jour…


  1. I have to admit I was a little overzealous with restricting my water/fluid restriction (following my urination frequency and my urine color observation on a regular basis). I developed a minor skin irritation after cutting my fingernails. It developed into a chronic exczema-type situation in 2 of my fingers with severe dryness, cracking, and redness (with bleeding from the cracking). After half a year, I finally realized that I needed to drastically increase my fluid intake. It dramatically improved.

  2. Edema is extremely common with refeeding. This is THE article on the subject.

    • Not necessarily, but if you are fairly well-recovered both physically and psychologically at this point, I would start by toying around with a few things–namely higher and lower sodium intake and higher and lower water intake to see if anything helps. You may need more potassium-rich food at the stage you’re at as well.

  3. Hi I was having a discussion about hydration with a co worker who coaches his 11 year old sons football team. The coaching staff all believe that the boys need to hydrate until their pee is clear, I explained that was over hydrated. Do you think this is a bad practice with the youth. We live in the Nor Cal foothill climate.

  4. Hi Matt

    I was reading in “Your Body’s many cries for water” book by Dr Batmanghelidj, that as one gets older, the thirst mechanism ceases to work properly.

    What are you views on this?


    • I was wondering the same thing Wendy. Matt is talking about the cells becoming overfilled
      in his blog, and Dr. Batman talks about cells not being able to get enough water. But in
      his blog Matt like tried to agree with Dr. Batman’s theory even though he is saying the
      opposite. I don’t understand.