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180DegreeHealth #23: Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too

Blogger, author, goat wrangler, and 180 Radio Host DaNelle Wolford currently has her photoshopped face all up on the cover of Woman’s World magazine. Despite walking past the magazine in every checkout line I’ve ever been through since birth, I’ve never before purchased a copy of this magazine. But Friday, October the 10th, was a new day.

DaNelle, author of Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too!, an awesome book made awesomer by the little sprinkles of Matt quotes found scattered around on the inside, was discovered by Woman’s World recently when her booked was atop the charts in Amazon’s weight loss category. Since Rob and I helped format the thing and get it publish-ready, someone from Woman’s World actually contacted us first to find out how to get in touch with DaNelle. Basically, I take full credit for everything is what I’m saying.

Inside is a featured article about how DaNelle struggled to cut fat, cut calories, cut carbs, and other forms of restriction all the way to the point of doing a 30-day juice “feast” followed up with a stint of raw veganism. The weight didn’t come off, her health problems persisted, and finally she just gave up and decided to eat what she wanted–albeit homemade versions of it all made with lots of love. It included cake. It wasn’t long until the weight was dropping off effortlessly, and in a matter of months she was down 35 pounds, and her chronic health problems were dramatically improved.

It’s a great story, a great book, great to see somebody on the home team splattered on the cover of an uber mainstream magazine, and it’s all topped off with a great conversation between DaNelle and I in this 180 Radio exclusive interview. Enjoy.


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  1. Loved this. It reminded me of my love for goats and lambs that I’ve had since I was a kindergartener and I would tell people I would be a sheep herder when I grew up. I’ve got a lot stuff to get together before I can start my little dream home, perennials, goats, laying chickens, and lambs (my favorite meat). Danelle, you’re awesome.