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180DegreeHealth #24: Health, Happiness, and Ghostbusters with Joey Lott

It’s Joey Lott time. Finally, we speak!

Joey and I go back a while, and it’s long overdue that we got on the phone and had a fun conversation. And fun it was, covering everything from magic healing wands from Atlantis to our mutual favorite topics: a tie between 80’s movies and starvation. And by the way, our discussion on 80’s movies was pretty unprepared and shameful. Didn’t even mention The Princess Bride, Breakfast Club, or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I’m a little ashamed of us to be honest.

Listen as Joey recounts his horrendous healthscapades that left him on the brink of starvation. At the time he was living in a tiny cabin out in the woods that was completely filled with supplements and healing gadgets as Joey desperately burned through his savings trying to find a cure for his debilitating illnesses, of which there were many. And of course, hear about his dramatic but very simple recovery, among other things near and dear to Joey…

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  1. Thank you so much for having Joey on. Loved every minute. I hope for many more of you two just chatting away about these most fascinating subjectson Diet, Spirituality and 80’s movies because it just wasn’t enough.

  2. Great conversation, I could listen to you two talking all day!

  3. Good stuff guys. Nice to hear from Joey. I knew he was a cool dude already but this verified it.

  4. Enjoyed the interview. Two questions. How do both of you know that your current views aren’t the new religion or dogma? To Joey, you sound like on all of the diets you tried you were under eating, how do you know whether any of those diets might have worked if you had eaten enough calories? Mahalo!