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180DegreeHealth #26: Detoxification Facts and Myths

Time for some detoxification facts and myths with Dr. Garrett Smith. Sorry for the belated release date (these talks are usually released on the first day of every month), but me n’ the doc are some busy dudes. As Dr. Smith talks about on the call, he’s known across three states for his soothing prostate examination skills. The line out the back door of his office often extends for miles.

Enjoy this enlightening talk about heavy metal detoxification, and hear about the flaws in the silliness that currently passes as “cleansing and detox” in the alternative health field…

  1. Matt’s audio is quite loud, and Garrett’s is relatively soft. Any way to equalize the two?

    Fascinating stuff, as usual!

  2. Yeah, but it comes with a trade-off, as the background fuzz gets louder and softer if I go through and manually equalize it.

    I’ll go mess with it a little more and reupload that sucka.

  3. Interesting stuff. Wondering what your take on the Iodine issue is. There are two pretty opposed camps. One uses high iodine doses to replenish depleted stores and bump the bad guys off of iodine binding sites (consistent with your fill the apartments with good guys approach). The other camp is just short of saying that iodine is toxic, and approach with extreme caution, do not consume a single piece of seaweed or you will wreck your thyroid gland and that sort of thing. The pro-iodine camp has a lot of compelling evidence and has provided fairly extensive evidence for their position. I’ve yet to read any really compelling iodine-phobic position/argument that hasn’t been well addressed by the iodophiles. There are clearly people that react negatively to the stuff, and I think the iodophiles are probably whitewashing and ignoring that to an extent, but the people that do react well, which seems to be a lot of them, think the stuff is the best thing ever. I looked at reviews on amazon awhile back, and they seemed to be overwhelmingly positive. There seem to be some common similar results for female troubles, energy, mood, skin etc… There are of course some people in between that use low doses, but many patients seem to react positively to high doses, but lose those results with lower dosing, even still within the milligram range…. i.e. 12.5mg v.s. 50mg. I’m starting lugols today, cautiously. But not too cautiously!

  4. Now I know why I’m not feeling so good – long time Led Zeppelin fan. I’ve been starting some Enya treatment but it will likely take years to balance out.

  5. Oh yeah, I have EXTREME HEAVY METAL POISONING. I listen to Dark Funeral ( ) every day, multiple times. Sometimes I leave it on continuous play for hours. I’m not kidding. Fucking awesome. Before that it was Behemoth’s The Satanist. Before that Goatwhore. What’s a guy to do? I try to mix it up by listening to both death metal and black metal. As long as I get my daily dose I’m pretty affable, but if I listen to Kenny G I become irritable, agitated and begin to have thoughts of suicide and violent fantasies. Please advise. Thanks.

    • The Kenny G is just triggering detox symptoms. Just power through it.

      Hopefully Smithy G will come in and comment on your iodine question. I have had very VERY few people report beneficial reactions to it, or long-term effectiveness of it, to me personally. A couple, but not as many as you would think, so I never went too far down that rabbit hole other than reading Brownstein and nodding.

      • On the forum they said my doses aren’t high enough and I just need MORE Kenny G . Some people also pulse new age astral projection music, 3 days on 1 day off, with cheat days twice a month where you can listen to hair metal. I got an i-clip for my ipod. it’s like two alligator clips on the headphone speaker wires that I can clip on my scrotum while I sleep. I make sure I’m not grounded at all by sleeping on a rubber sheet. I just play elevator music all night on those. I think it might be working, but my testicles have shrunk to the size of almonds. Is that bad?

        • I’m surprised you said almonds and not bay nuts. Testicles should be at least as large as bay nuts, in the shell.

  6. Thank you for such useful information. I’ve recently found this podcast and have been listening to the shows in every spare minute I have, such great information!

    Do you recommend avoiding shell fish too?
    Would you recommend to avoid consuming high omega 6 foods so there is no need to take omega 3 supplements?

    (I find bbc radio 3 a great heavy metal detox, I’m from the UK!)

    • “Avoid” is a very strong word. I think it’s wise to eat a lot less omega 6 than what is typical. Truly avoiding high omega 6 foods 24-7-365 is pretty tough if you want to be a normal member of society.

  7. Really hard to hear the dr.

    • The audio file has been compressed. Should sound much better now.

  8. Mind blowing stuff! I wonder how many decades it will take the rest of the medical community to catch up to what Dr. G knows now about detox.

  9. I know what you guys mean by having a fast metabolism, all warm and lovely and your body systems working well etc. But here’s what I don’t get. How can you have a fast and slow metabolism at the same time? For example, I’m female, 5’7″ and 120. No matter what I do or eat, I always come back to this exact weight. My ‘metabolism’ seems to be very fast, I go through food like crazy and never gain weight. However, my body systems are all kinds of out of balance, I’m cold, and my temps are low. Conundrum…

    • It’s probably from having high levels of adrenaline that are highly catabolic, prevent the building of tissue (of any kind), make you feel more jittery and anxious than a typical person (lots of energy, tendency towards insomnia, OCD), with cold fingers and toes.

      Does that sound about right?

      I’ve found that if a person with this type of physical profile can shut down the sympathetic nervous system “eating for heat” so-to-speak, it can actually lead to tremendous increase in lean tissue and body fat as well, where it couldn’t be gained prior (and body temperature rises). Seems like a paradox, but I’ve explained elsewhere the differences between an adrenaline-driven metabolism and a thyroid-driven metabolism, and they are indeed different.

      • Interesting Matt Stone. That fits me pretty well, minus the energy- none of that here. I laid awake all night last night with my heart pounding through my chest, unable to make it stop. I got up and ate, drank some salt, no luck. I try with all my might to stuff my face, but I can’t seem to get past 2100 calories a day- I find it really uncomfortable.

      • That sounds exactly like me in my early 20’s, 5’7 120 lbs and ate like a badass when I was in the Air Force. Gods my sister was jealous. Two kids later and at 35 I am now starting re-feeding at 150 lbs. 6 years ago I reached 159 lbs, freaked out and went on Atkins which led to Paleo. I got as low as 142 before the weight started creaping back and I began having period issues this past fall and an ovarian cyst burts and my hair falling out at a greater speed. This week I came across 180 Health and so screw Paleo I am re-feeding (my husband too as paleo for 5 years did him in too).

        I am not trying to get back to 120 just 140, I know that superfast metabolism is still in there. I see it occasionally and my temps are already 98.4 every morning. Starting to feel better already.

  10. Dorks – detox with Yanni and Enya…LOL!