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180DegreeHealth #27: Equilibrating Emotional Trauma with Bella Dodds

Strap yourself in tight Marty McFly, as I go on a cosmic journey with author of The Anxiety Solution, Bella Dodds–discussing crazy-sounding things like “equilibrating emotional trauma.” Okay, it’s not really that cosmic, but it’s definitely cool.

Listen, the work that Bella does is simply amazing. There is nothing else that I’ve ever come across that rivals it. Period. The problem is that many of the primary faces and voices in related fields that are doing something similar often come off as new agey quack douchebags. It kills me, because I’ve been dying to share this work for nearly a decade, but every time I do, the feedback I get is usually something like,

“Dude, why did you recommend that douchebag? He seems like a real tool.”

There seems to be this giant barrier made of 100% Cheddar cheese that stands between this information and the people that need it. Drives me nuts. So on the call, I try my best to encourage Bella to take us beyond the cheese border and into the center where the good stuff resides.

At the beginning of the call I was nervous that we weren’t going to get there. But we kept warming up. By the middle of the conversation, we were starting to get into it. And finally, towards the end of the call, I thought we finally made some progress. While it felt like we were just finally getting warmed up at the end of the call, I think this will be first of many eye-opening conversations that the two of us share.

Listen carefully and with an open mind. If anyone wants to volunteer to be taken through the process for the rest of the 180D podcast audience to hear, please send me an email or something ([email protected]). I’ll connect you with Bella, and we’ll do it.

For more in-depth explanation, read Bella’s book.

  1. I really loved this podcast. There is so much I could say as it relates to my own life…but I’ll just pick one.
    Something Bella said reminded me of a conversation my husband and I had the other night. I’m not sure he agrees with me, actually! lol. But I said – when we tell our stories to each other, aren’t we always the “good guy” character? And aren’t we oftentimes also the “victim” character? In reality – sometimes in life we’re also the asshole. And it’s good, I think, to admit that. Healthy to admit that.

    And I love the comment, Matt, about how one time your mom forgot the jelly in your pbandj sandwich. lol. omg. Way funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

    • Love that…yes sometimes we are the total assholes in the story. And you know it is good to own your inner asshole equally to your sweet side because we are both and we need both. If you just were a sweetie you’d start to stink it up pretty bad and have toxins ooozing out of your skin. Assholes are a good thing to have. hahaha

  2. You got me really interested, I never heard of DeMartini before. Which of his workshops did you attend – the 2 day breakthrough, the 7 day demartini method intensive, or something else?

    • Heya Crispy Golden,

      Matt and I were both referring to the 2 day Breakthrough. After attending that seminar you can go to his 7 day Prophecy course.

  3. PS I love that he looks like Martin Short.

  4. Great podcast! I’m waiting for more!

  5. Hi Matt,

    It seems the 180 Radio site no workee. Is this related to its migration to iTunes?


    • Hi Mike

      Sorry about that, should all be working again now.


  6. I’d love to listen to this or other 180Degree Health shows but something has changed, and now the option to click and play files from within this website is missing. I also tried downloading the files instead, but after downloading said files they all have zero bytes. :-/
    I’ve tried downloading many times in 3 different browsers with the same results. I noticed someone else commented that they couldn’t download files either.

    The strange this is I was able to listen to one episode, my first ever from 180 about a week ago from within the website without even having to download it first. I did subscribe to the RSS feed but that only gives me the option to listen to one latest episode.

    I hope it’s fixed soon because I really enjoyed the one episode I heard and the other shows sound interesting, too.
    Thank you

    • Hi Angela

      Sorry about that, should be all working again now.


  7. It sure is working again. :)) Thank you

  8. Mr. Fixit,

    Thank you! When will we see 180 Radio in iTunes? Or, will we?

    Danke Schoen,
    Ivanna Humpalott

    • Hi Ms Humpalott

      Whilst 180 Radio isn’t currently listed in the iTunes store, it’s still possible to subscribe to the podcast feed with iTunes. If you click on the ‘Subscribe to RSS Feed’ button below the media player it takes you to a page which has instructions on how to do that.