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180DegreeHealth #3: Hair Mineral Analysis vs. RBTI

To pee in a cup or put your hair in a plastic bag? That is the question.

Today Dr. Garrett Smith and I recount some of our hilarious alternative health capers (such as our delving into a fringe system known as RBTI, which brought us many profound realizations while also sending us down some empty rabbit holes, or, pee holes as it were) while delving into more specificity about hair mineral analysis. Hair mineral analysis is full of intriguing mineral co-relationships and patterns that are very relevant to some of the bigger core 180D topics such as metabolic rate, thyroid, and Ray Peat hot topics like copper and calcium.

Today Dr. Garrett shares them in a very interesting segment of the D podcast…


  1. This is awesome. I’m glad you talked about the foray into RBTI which I have to say freaked me out a bit at the time as it set off my bullshit radar. As usual Matt made me laugh with his little comments now and again.

  2. I have been hearing about hair mineral analysis in many places and I’m very interested in getting it done, but I live in NE Pennsylvania and I cannot find any practitioner where I can get it done. I’ve been in the natural health field for over 10 years and I agree with Dr. Smith on everything. I’d love to learn to interpret the hair mineral analysis for others. How could I go about this? How is this lab work different tun what Dr. Lawrence Wilson does? He offers classes, but I’m not sure how it differs. Would love to get more direction on this and have it done for myself. I’m using topical magnesium currently because I haves symptoms of deficiency and had calcification in my placenta after my last baby. My vitamin D levels were very low which surprised me but just as I suspected, I think it is because of low magnesium levels. Please let me know of any practitioner in my general area where I can get the analysis done!