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180DegreeHealth #4: Midwife the Documentary with filmmaker Allison Kuznia

Excited to bring to you today a chat with documentary filmmaker Allison Kuznia about the film she directed: Midwife.

In today’s talk we discuss some of the pros and cons of home birth vs. hospital birth and elaborate on some of the important points that were made in Allison’s film–such as the shocking truth that being a home birth midwife is still illegal in 28 U.S. states!

Allison did a fantastic job truly “documenting” the role of the midwife and the relative advantages and disadvantages of home birth in her film without creating another eye-rolling “shockumentary” meant to highlight a one-dimensional view and convert you to that way of thinking with highly emotional triggers meant to bypass the critical-thinking region portion of your brain.

Oh me? Have a problem with the typical documentary filmmaking format? How’d ya guess?!!

This film is actually quite respectable, and I feel honored to have had a chance to speak with Allison about the film firsthand.

Enjoy the talk. You can watch Midwife on Amazon Instant Video HERE or order a DVD and learn more about the film at Allison’s website. 

Much more coming your way soon on the 180D podcast…

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  1. I’m so happy that 180degree is finally going there and talking about birth!