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180DegreeHealth #5: Caroline Haagen on The Fuck It “Diet”

Well it’s about time I sat down and actually talked to this sassy lady, the guru of unguruism, Caroline Haagen. And I must say, Dazs is good! Caroline is a strong advocate of getting the conscious mind away from the plate, relaxing about what you eat, and developing greater neutrality about food in general. It has served her and many of her followers well, and I’m excited to finally connect with her.

Today we talk about Caroline’s former water addiction, Apple Jacks, my Southern accent, and lots of other things that will make you think and giggle at the same time–which is kind of our thing. I have a feeling this is just one of many chats between the two of us.

When you’re done, check out Caroline’s great material at The Fuck It Diet.

  1. I really appreciate the Fuck-it diet mindset, and found it has been really healing for the past year psychologically. What happens though when you’ve dieted yourself to an obese state (your metabolism is so wrecked from a lifetime of diets, that any amount of calories seems to make you put on weight). It’s hard to keep up a “fuck-it” mentality when living with obesity and others around you feel it’s irresponsible to not do something about the excess weight even though It was dieting and food obsession that got me here in the first place. It’s hard to 100% let go of “diets” when you are at a point that you really do need to lose weight (as well as the pressure from society that you’re a horrible lazy person if you’re larger).

  2. I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts! I’m hoping you answer questions from this section, since I’m not sure where else to ask this. I have some questions for the next podcast with Dr. Garrett Smith that I would really, really appreciate if you both could address. I would like your perspectives on the causes of acne and how to go about healing it naturally. I am a soon to be 30-year old female who has been struggling with moderate to severe acne all over my face since I was a teenager. I went the allopathic route in my teens and early twenties, using prescription topicals, antibiotics, and also did one round of generic accutane. I still struggle with this condition as well as many other issues including low energy, chronic yeast infections, poor digestion and elimination, headaches. I also has eczema for a few years but that seems to have cleared up. When I learned about candidiasis and anti-candida diets including Body Ecology, I tried to go that route, but found that way too difficult to ever maintain. I still try to eat a low-sugar diet, but I’m not strict with diet because I don’t have the energy or resources to be super strict. I have heard you talk about candida before but I would really like to hear how Dr. Smith goes about treating this issue in his patients. Also, I would like to hear your thoughts on the turpentine and sugar protocol for candida that supposedly is an old remedy used for parasites and other ailments, but is not that well known these days. Is it dangerous? I apologize for this lengthy comment/question, and wouldn’t mind if you shorten it for the podcast and would appreciate anything you can contribute, because it seems that everywhere else on the internet, you see a lot of the same information!

  3. thank you thank you thank you!!! To Caroline and Matt. For the incredible stuff you guys are doing! I’ve taken on the “fuck it diet” and turning my life around!! I’m going to start living!!! And also for making me not feel so alone and such a weirdo for the weird stuff I’ve done to be “healthy”. Mental health is so much more important!!!!

  4. Matt and Caroline,

    you guys are amazing! Your work is currently saving my life. I am here (sitting/resting) in the phase of Diet Recovery/RRARFing and obviously there is so much fear to really let go. I am recovering from anorexia and compulsive overexercise (10 years of disordered food and exercise) SO everything you guys have written about in your books (Diet Recovery/180DegreeHealth and No More Bingeing/TFID) related to the effects of deprivation is really plaguing me. I KNOW that this is the answer but this addiction to dieting/exercise runs so deep. The insanity is I know that this is the right thing but yet my fear/ego is so loud…especially when everyone is the world is bashing carbs and sugar! I am really trying to get back to the mindset of being a kid (eating freely) before I began to doubt everything, Then I had trust. Trust and the belief that I will be ok/healthy/safe with-out diet and exercise is what I am trying to cultivate. I want to “follow my involuntary programing” as Matt said. So thanks for helping me on this journey of getting my life back.