Talk, music, and more for less than a latte

180DegreeHealth #6: Ari Whitten, author of Forever Fat Loss

Today I talk with cap’n wax and tan, Mr. San Diego meets South Beach, Ari Whitten. Ari is the author of the recent hot-selling book Forever Fat Loss, a book that I’ve taken it upon myself to stand behind and endorse. While Ari and I obviously have a few differences of opinion here and there, it seems to be mostly difference of context. Today we try to talk through some of our differences, talk story about the misery of low-carb and how our mutual passion for hiking helped us learn what low-grade fuel fat is for physical performance, and otherwise have a fun and enlightening conversation. Enjoy what is sure to be one of many conversations between the two of us.

  1. Why is this stopping at 29 minute mark??

  2. That’s strange. No one has reported problems, and I’m able to play from minute 28-30 with no interruption whatsoever. What happens if you refresh the page and then go back to the 29-minute mark? If you still are having problems, you can also try downloading it instead of streaming it.

  3. Plays the whole way through for me.