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Monthly archive for April 2014

Naked #2: Tyler Bryce, Singer/Songwriter

Tyler Bryce ( joins Naked with Joni Abbott!! Tyler is a good ol’ Branson, MO boy who was raised in a very muscial family. Performance is nothing new to him. It runs in his blood with a dad and five uncles who have been performing on television and […]

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This is just some homemade, unpublished sample music. I’m sure if you thought about the name MassTone for a minute, it wouldn’t take too long to figure out who mixed it! Current estimated time of arrival on regular music submissions is early to mid summer. Stay tuned! Track 1: Here I […]

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More Input #3: Don’t Manage Stress, Eliminate it… with Doc Orman

Happy Stress Awareness Month everybody! Yeah, I know you needed to become more aware about all that stress you’ve been having! Joining me today is Mort “Doc” Orman, the founder and official sponsor of Stress Awareness month, and one of the most outspoken critics of “stress management” […]

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The Backyard Farmer #1: Shaye Elliott on Bull-Wrangling, Rabbit Butchering, & How to buy every farm animal imaginable.

Master blogger and cow-milker extraordinaire Shaye Elliott of The Elliott Homestead shares with us her deepest darkest secrets — about farming & life on the homestead. From her humble beginnings as a bull-rider, to her amazing rabbit-food-foraging adventures, Shaye takes us right into her home and gives […]

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SDP #8: Alex Ojeda and Permaculture Jacksonville (and World) with Liam Scheff

Alex Ojeda of PermacultureJax in Jacksonville, Florida, joins us (while chopping wood!) to talk comfrey, Hugel beds, burying wood, planting trees and making the organic system that Nature gives us work with greater efficiency and productivity. We’re talking about ‘resilient’ and ‘regenerative’ systems – this is organic […]

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SDP #7: HorseboyFest with Rupert Isaacson, Thalia Michelle and Liam Scheff

  Horseboy Festival 2014, Austin! Liam is joined by Rupert Isaacson and Thalia Michelle, who are bringing you the rock and roll event of the year for autism healing. Join in the light, breezy, fun but meaningful dialogue. Commemorating autism awareness month, Horse Boy Fest 2014 promises […]

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SDP #6: Wildcraft Forestry with Don Elzer and Thalia Michelle

Don Elzer and Thalia Michelle join Liam to talk wildcrafting, forest gardening and reclaiming public land. Yes, you can walk into the forest and make a patch your own! Our guest, Don Elzer, is a biosemiotician, essayist, philosopher, artist, innovator and poet from British Columbia. He is […]

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