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Monthly archive for May 2014

SDP #10: Chris Ryan and Sex at Dawn

Are we a monogamous animal by nature? 10,000 years of art and culture let us know that monogamy is not something we do easily or well. So why do we try so hard? And what are the alternatives? Producer Joni and host Liam talk sex, monogamy, sister-wives, […]

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Free Self-Publishing Summit Bonuses

Hey, thanks everyone for participating and listening to all the Self-Publishing Summit talks. Because I’m a lover of weaving important information and humor together with religious fervor in everything I write, I’m a big fan of these two free book giveaways–both of which are perfectly suited to […]

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180DegreeHealth Podcast #1: Candida and Tooth Decay

Welcome to the very first episode of the 180DegreeHealth podcast, hosted by Matt Stone and Dr. Garrett Smith. There will be a new episode published on the first day of every month to coincide with the release of each new issue of the 180DegreeHealth newsletter, which you can get for free […]

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