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Monthly archive for August 2014

180DegreeHealth #17: Metabolism, Body Image, and Expertise with Scott Abel

I’ve been closely following the work and ideas of fitness and bodybuilding legend Scott Abel for four straight years. Getting a chance to have an in-depth conversation with him was beyond thrilling. There’s no doubt that Scott Abel is a true expert, having not only studied all […]

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180DegreeHealth #16: The Psychology of Eating with Marc David

Today Marc David and I swap stories about our remarkably similar experience that fueled our mutual interest in the psychology of eating as well as metabolism. Only a couple mountain ranges apart in our country’s most unpopulated state, Marc and I both had perilous experiences that nearly […]

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The Backyard Farmer #5: Confessions of an Expert Homesteader with Wardee Harmon

For those times that your vegetable garden fails miserably, your chickens stop layin’ eggs, or your goat gets a case of the runs, you can rely on this episode of The Backyard Farmer to make you feel better. Wardee Harmon of the widely popular site, GNOWFGLINS, is an expert. […]

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180DegreeHealth #15: Natural Motherhood with Mama Natural

Yeah! I love me some Mama Natty. She’s funny, creative, and super passionate about being a natural, healthy mama. I mean, she even posts herself giving birth on YouTube in all its awkward glory, where five or so million people have enjoyed her grunts and groans. Someone […]

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180DegreeHealth #14: Biomechanical Origins of Disease with Katy Bowman

Today I brought in a true health pioneer–perhaps the world’s leading scholar and expert on the biomechanical origins of disease. We discuss feet, posture, how sitting too much can cause digestive problems, and discuss several of the vast interconnections between the biologically-inappropriate lifestyle many of us lead […]

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180DegreeHealth #13: Mineral Ratios with Dr. Garrett Smith

It’s that time of the month! But Dr. Garrett ain’t got time to bleed. This month, me n’ Doc G talk about mineral ratios and the significance Garrett is finding them to have with real live patients in his personal practice. We discuss interesting interactions between sodium […]

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