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Monthly archive for October 2014

180DegreeHealth #25: High Intensity Training (HIT) with Drew Baye

Get ready for a chat with one of the more prominent modern icons in the high intensity training (HIT) movement, having been featured in Tim Ferriss’s book The 4-Hour Body and on his blog. Not one to shy away from controversy or try to stifle the other side of […]

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180DegreeHealth #24: Health, Happiness, and Ghostbusters with Joey Lott

It’s Joey Lott time. Finally, we speak! Joey and I go back a while, and it’s long overdue that we got on the phone and had a fun conversation. And fun it was, covering everything from magic healing wands from Atlantis to our mutual favorite topics: a tie […]

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180DegreeHealth #23: Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too

Blogger, author, goat wrangler, and 180 Radio Host DaNelle Wolford currently has her photoshopped face all up on the cover of Woman’s World magazine. Despite walking past the magazine in every checkout line I’ve ever been through since birth, I’ve never before purchased a copy of this […]

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180DegreeHealth #22: What is Proper Hydration?

So what is proper hydration? This month ol’ Doc Gizzle and I got on Skype, and the first thing he voiced was a growing concern about dehydration based on things that he’s been seeing in his practice. As often happens when a piece of information is disseminated, […]

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