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The Backyard Farmer #1: Shaye Elliott on Bull-Wrangling, Rabbit Butchering, & How to buy every farm animal imaginable.

Master blogger and cow-milker extraordinaire Shaye Elliott of The Elliott Homestead shares with us her deepest darkest secrets — about farming & life on the homestead. From her humble beginnings as a bull-rider, to her amazing rabbit-food-foraging adventures, Shaye takes us right into her home and gives us the scoop on what led her to farming.

Move over men, women are taking backyard farming to a whole new level, and Shaye is the perfect example of a woman who’s not afraid to milk a cow (or birth 3 children). That’s a brave woman right there.

Join us today and listen as Shaye shares with us her tips on how to buy every farm animal possible. Because, farming. Her ambitious drive and contagious charm will have you wanting to be her best friend and follow her everywhere. But not in a weird way or anything. Shaye’s newest animals, her pigs, are by far her favorite species on the homestead. She says it’s because they are adorable, but we all know by “adorable” she means “delicious”.

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  1. My grandpa milked before going to Kindergarten! We’re hoping by the time our 4.5 yr old is 7 or so, our cow is calmed down enough for him to milk. She’s only in her second lactation and still pretty lively.

  2. Hi there Danelle
    You are very lovely but I must ask, can you please not interrupt your guests as much (I used to interview people on TV and this was my weakness too!). I was really interested in what Shaye had to say but found your exclamations and interruptions a little disrupting.