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The Backyard Farmer #2: Ariana Mullins on life in the English Countryside and how to become a Master at Foraging for wild food

Prepare to be amazed at the life & adventures of master forager, Ariana Mullins from the blog And Here We Are.

She forages for berries, nettles, roots, herbs, greens, pine pollen, flowers, nuts and more! Using the world as her platter, she enjoys many different kinds of foods for FREE, straight from the wild.

Most people (including me) are afraid of foraging for food in the wild, but not Ariana. From living in the Philippines to Germany to England, Ariana’s experiences have helped develop her adventurous side when it comes to trying new foods.

Join us and listen while Ariana shares with us the trials and triumphs of living in a foreign country, and how ANYBODY, ANYWHERE can learn how to forage for food in the wild. Her passion for foraging will inspire you to slow down and experience a simpler life. Learn how to turn a simple walk in the neighborhood to a foraging adventure. Her goal is to help people everywhere recognize the nourishing food that already exists around us. And how to obtain it all for FREE!

Whether your goal is to learn how to forage for food in the wild, reduce your food bill, discover what’s edible in your area, or to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, Ariana’s your gal.

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