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Clack Attack Radio #1: Turning Your “Art” Into a Business with Ryan Rhoades

Ryan Rhoades, a multi-talented “Creative Entrepreneur,” has been expressing himself through art ever since he can remember: sketches, painting, and copious arts and crafts as a child. Now, as a young man: graphic design, logo concepts, computer sketches, music production, videography, short films, writing, and almost any other form of artistic expression you can think of!

As a family man with a young wife, he’s been working hard since college to turn his passion into a business so that he can continue doing what he believes he was meant to do AND support his family financially.

Currently he does a lot of branding work, website design, sales video creation, social media graphics and banners with big name clients such as Jack Canfield, as well as many other local small businesses. His story is still unfolding, and the path has been a tad messy, but I’m confident you’ll take away a lot from his journey for your own business/creative pursuits.

In this episode we tap into Ryan’s mindset as well as learn some of the tactics he used for turning his art into a business, building a career as a “Creative Entrepreneur.” Enjoy!