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More Input #2: Debbie Young on Mike Tyson, Raw Milk, Veganism, and Leukemia

Wow. Get ready for a full hour of hilarious pointlessness, as Debbie Young, Facebook like world record holder (she doesn’t have the most likes, but has given out the most likes) and I discuss a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

Mike Tyson, veganism, Leukemia, raw milk, Jackass 3, the Sugar Hill Gang, and the art of responsible 21st century parenting.

Sadly, Debbie’s brother Robert O. Young, that pH guy, was recently imprisoned for killing a bunch of cancer patients. She’s trying to cope with it all, and the only thing that has helped was buying some auctioned goods from Kevin Trudeau’s estate sale. She scored some free supplements there that, if she takes enough of them and properly alkalizes, will kick her dang Leukemia to the curb once and for all.

Seriously though. Do not listen to this. You’ll never get that hour back.

Debbie, feed that monkey an apple banana. It’s got a crazed look in its eye, and I’m concerned for the safety of your Santa suit. #nicelegs #prettyflyforawhitethigh

Me and Debbie's weird daughter at the Fitness Expo

Me and Debbie’s weird daughter at the Fitness Expo

  1. I LIKE this! Ha ha thanks Matt it was fun and also lets everyone know how funny I think you are.
    Love that hag xo

  2. This was such a fun interview. I have a whole new appreciation for you both!

    Oh … and if Debbie is a hag …

  3. Evelyn
    Frozen Hag is my handle Since Matt once said he needed to quote ‘freeze your ass till I can figure this shit out’ end quote. The hag part was in reference to my blood glucose levels as in ‘it’s pretty good for a hag like you’.
    I love Matt.
    deb hag

  4. Very fun interview. Debbie you are just fun and Matt you come through as a great friend here.