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Churn it Up #1: We can ferment that! (fermented foods with Tamara and Kelly)

Carrots? “We can ferment that!”

Orange juice? “We can ferment that!” 

How about…chicken feed? Yup. The ladies behind the popular real food and health blog, Oh, Lardyare the masters of fermented foods, and yes—you name it, they’ll show you how to ferment it. Which is kind of like pickling, only better. (But points for you if you got the Portlandia reference, there.)

What’s so great about fermented food? Well, if you know anything about the benefits of probiotics, then you already have an idea of why you might just want to germ-ify your food to get the most out of it. Fermentation breeds those beneficial bacteria in your food, increases nutrients and enhances digestion, protects the health of your gut and even supports your immune system.

From sauerkraut to peppers to (real) pickles and more, bloggers and authors Tamara and Kelly will show you all about how you can become a master fermenter, too. Which you definitely want to be. Because intentionally leaving your food out on the counter to breed billions of bacteria all over it? Is pretty badass.