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Free Self-Publishing Summit Bonuses

Hey, thanks everyone for participating and listening to all the Self-Publishing Summit talks. Because I’m a lover of weaving important information and humor together with religious fervor in everything I write, I’m a big fan of these two free book giveaways–both of which are perfectly suited to self-published authors, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. And yeah, they are both gonna help you sell more books on Kindle. Way more!

The following two books are free from May 1 to May 5th as a summit bonus. And, if you’re reading this after May 5th, well, I’m sure you won’t see any prices on these books too far above $0. Click on the images to be directed towards Amazon where you can download them at no charge…



How I Made $1 Million with eBooks while Sitting on My Ass by Steve “Ninja” Bilker and Joey Lott

How I made a Million

Kill Your Blog: 12 Reasons to Stop F%$#ing Blogging! by Buck Flogging 

Buck Flogging

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