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Episodes featuring Dr. Garrett Smith

180DegreeHealth #26: Detoxification Facts and Myths

Time for some detoxification facts and myths with Dr. Garrett Smith. Sorry for the belated release date (these talks are usually released on the first day of every month), but me n’ the doc are some busy dudes. As Dr. Smith talks about on the call, he’s […]

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180DegreeHealth #22: What is Proper Hydration?

So what is proper hydration? This month ol’ Doc Gizzle and I got on Skype, and the first thing he voiced was a growing concern about dehydration based on things that he’s been seeing in his practice. As often happens when a piece of information is disseminated, […]

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180DegreeHealth #18: Sulfur Benefits and Dangers

Sulfur benefits–there could be plenty. Dr. Garrett Smith contacted me right away as his guinea pig group of three was experiencing some remarkable things. His secretary had to stop using her reading glasses. They were all experiencing increased body temperature, increased appetite, increased thirst, and noticeable fat […]

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180DegreeHealth #13: Mineral Ratios with Dr. Garrett Smith

It’s that time of the month! But Dr. Garrett ain’t got time to bleed. This month, me n’ Doc G talk about mineral ratios and the significance Garrett is finding them to have with real live patients in his personal practice. We discuss interesting interactions between sodium […]

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180DegreeHealth #8: Don’t Supplement with Vitamin D Until You’ve Heard This!

Supplementing with Vitamin D may be dangerous. Yeah I said it. Like many phases in nutritional science, there is a frenzy right now over a particular nutrient, and it’s got millions of people all over the world downing this substance willy nilly. The stuff is even added […]

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180DegreeHealth #3: Hair Mineral Analysis vs. RBTI

To pee in a cup or put your hair in a plastic bag? That is the question. Today Dr. Garrett Smith and I recount some of our hilarious alternative health capers (such as our delving into a fringe system known as RBTI, which brought us many profound realizations […]

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