Talk, music, and more for less than a latte

More Input #3: Don’t Manage Stress, Eliminate it… with Doc Orman

Happy Stress Awareness Month everybody! Yeah, I know you needed to become more aware about all that stress you’ve been having! Joining me today is Mort “Doc” Orman, the founder and official sponsor of Stress Awareness month, and one of the most outspoken critics of “stress management” on earth. While there may not be too much that is wrong with meditation, yoga, listening to some relaxing music, a scoop of ice cream, or taking a hot bath with chamomile–these things are mere hand tools compared to digging deep into the psychological and behavioral roots of stress, emotion, and more with the Doc Orman backhoe.

In this episode we dig deep into a tool Doc Orman refers to as “flipping,” and finally define the irrefutable right way to return home from a road trip.

You can find out more about Doc Orman’s work by registering at his website: (Doc is just starting to develop this site). Or you can read his books on Amazon HERE.

Heck, you can even listen to ME narrate Doc’s books on Audible. No joke, I’ve narrated three of his books so far with three more coming in May. Listen HERE.