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More Input #4: Eating Disorder Recovery with Monica Rodriguez

Fresh episode of More Input, hosted by Matt Stone. King of the impossible. Today I’m joined by Clinical Nutritionist Monica Rodriguez, who recently recovered from an eating disorder after years of struggles with attempts at dietary perfection. The result of her perfect eating wasn’t perfect health, in fact, the whole experience can be summarized as a battle against her will to eat how she “thought” she should eat as a result of her extensive educational background in health and nutrition, which includes:

A BS in Nutrition and Dietetics!

An MS in Nutrition Education from Columbia University in New York City!

A second MS in Holistic Natural Health and Healing!

Monica has had an awakening–spiritually and physically, and shares the experiences and realizations she came to that finally led to her recovery in today’s talk. Inspired by the whole experience, Monica is now helping others who are struggling to find their way. You can find out more about Monica at her website HERE. I hope you enjoy our uplifting conversation

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  1. Great podcast!