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The Luminaries #2: Dr. Dave Tuck Part 2

Dave has 20+ years in the health and wellness field as a Doctor of Chiropractic and is currently the owner and clinic director of Texoma Wellness Centers in Whitesboro and Gainesville, Texas. Dave specializes in deciphering the mind/body connection for his clients and patients around the globe, helping them discover the hidden messages behind their symptoms. His “Your Body Speaks” programs and products empowers his patients and clients to listen to their bodies’ symptoms and learn how to heal themselves.

“I love empowering people with their health by teaching them to understand their bodies’ symptoms and how to balance their chemical, physical, and emotional stresses in life.”

Dave is also a Certified Demartini Method Facilitator with 15+ years experience working with clients as a Emotional Wellness Specialist. Dave helps his clients dissolve emotional baggage by shifting their perceptions, resulting in less stress and increasing vitality and longevity.

“I feel that I am able to easily connect with my clients allowing them to become present, focused, and inspired about making a shift in their lives. I love working with clients who are in transitions in their lives, looking to clarify their visions and seeking guidance and direction. They feel stuck but are ready for growth and willing to tackle the perceived challenges in their way. The first step is reconnect to their authentic selves and become clear about who they are and what drives them. I love teaching my clients to manifest into their lives all that they desire.”