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The Luminaries #3: Grief Specialist Kristie West

This interview is a bit of a taboo subject and is often massively avoided because it immediately makes most people on edge. Today’s interview is about death…however in the discussion you will hear a COMPLETELY new take on the grieving process.

I interviewed Grief Specialist, Kristie West, who after losing 6 family members in a two month period, was forced to find answers (outside of traditional grief counselling) on how she could actually heal herself completely and free herself from a prison of pain and numbness. I am grateful to have Kristie take the time to share her wisdom with us today and talk about her unique 9-step G.R.I.E.F. process that helps people to completely self-heal and be able to think about the person they love and smile without being in pain, have the memory of the person who died no longer be seen as a painful ‘tragedy’ or a ‘pity,’ and how to use the natural element of death to empower and even inspire those who’ve lost loved ones.

If you don’t believe this is truly possible, Kristie backs up her highly effective process with a money back guarantee. I hope you find the interview valuable. If you would like to learn more please visit Kristie’s website at

And before we get stah-did, I apologize for excessive use of the word “beautiful”–we don’t typically think of death as beautiful, so I guess that is the word that kept coming to mind. It will be interesting to hear what questions it brings up for you. And I apologize once again for sound quality. Got me some new equipment, and episode 4 is going to sound MUCH better I promise.

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  1. So are you saying the legacy of one’s life should be a reflection of our own feelings? After a year and a half of my husband’s death (after 55 years of marriage)I am just getting to where I need to find “me” again. I have been living in his shadow all this time. Everyone says keep busy and I joined things, and do volunteering, but at the end of the day I still come home to an empty house. The me with him before didn’t do that, that is why I need to get back to the things I used to do like sewing and genealogy.

    Love what you said about kids’ feelings. My daughter took the little ones to visit a tree that we have in the arboretum where we buried ashes. They took decorations to honor his birthday and she said later.. “say goodbye to grandpa” and they chorused “goodbye, goodbye, grandpa” and a few minutes later the little 4 year-old said “Is grandpa a tree now?”.. I thought that was the most precious thing. Grandpa is all around us. Loved your interview and your emails.