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Mr. Media #1: Scott Ian of Anthrax on writing his memoir!

I'm The Man: The Story of That Guy From Anthrax by Scott Ian, Mr. Media

“I normally don’t look back; I don’t dwell on my past–ever. I had no connection to it until I started working on the book. But I dove in and tried to figure out who I was when I was 25 or 35. I thought about what my motivations were. A lot of it was difficult; a lot of the book is talking about traumatic things in my life, whether professional or personal, such as failed marriages or firing Joey in 1992.” — SCOTT IAN, rhythm guitarist and co-founder of the thrash-metal rock band Anthrax

I really thought the new book, “I’m The Man: The Story of That Guy in Anthrax” by band co-founder Scott Ian was pretty fascinating. Was never really a follower of the band, even back in my ’80s rock critic days, so it was quite the revelation. He’s pretty blunt about the decisions he made in his career and personal life, even when the results don’t reflect well on himself. If you’re an Anthrax fan, I hope you’ll check out today’s exclusive Mr. Media Interviews by Bob Andelman with Scott Ian, a.k.a., Meat Loaf’s son-in-law!

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