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SDP #12: Orgasms, Chimpanzees and That Sense of Smell; Chris Ryan and Sex at Dawn Pt. 3

Why do women moan so loudly and often during sex? (We’re just glad they do!) We’ll attempt to answer this mystery in part 3 of our interview with Christopher Ryan, co-author (with his partner Cacilda Jethá) of “Sex At Dawn.” Producer Joni joins Liam to explore these questions:

Are we a kind of chimpanzee? We’ll discuss Jane Goodall, the primatologist, who might have tainted our view of how chimps – and we – really live and why we fight. We’ll talk about Napoleon Chagnon, the Yanomami Indians, and the lousy anthropology that has been used to argue that we’re an entirely war-like species.

We’ll talk smell, body odor and immunity – and how “the Pill” gums up good pairing. And – We’ll talk orgasms and loud moans! Yes, that exciting sound has a purpose in the animal world. Don’t miss this enlightening episode, and bring a friend.

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