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SDP #2 – Loretta Buckner and Durty Gurl Farm Calendar

PermaCurlGirl Thalia Michelle co-hosts and brings the sexy to worm bins! Yes, we’re talking compost with “Durty Gurl” Loretta Buckner, who will tell us how to make a worm bin work! Loretta is also getting the DurtyGurl Farmgirl calendar ready for release – we’ll update with details, but see some photos below. Grrrr!

Loretta’s current projects are “” which is a registered non-profit in the state of Florida, and which has now spawned “Casa Seranita”, a food forest/demonstration garden and learning & wellness center. Newest on this list is also “Durty Gurl” composting service.  Dürty Gürl Composting: We Take Your Waste and make it into Garden Space!

Let’s talk DÜRTY: [email protected]

make compost

durty gurl cal 2

durty gurl calendar

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