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SDP #3: Aloe Joy! Amanda and Michael Haley Talk Sex and Aloe

Michael and Amanda Haley join Liam to talk about aloe, gut health, skin, hair, nails and sex! Is aloe good for your sex life? ‘Dry moments,’ Aloe Joy, and the many healing properties of this magic plant, on this episode of SDP. And on an upcoming episode, Liam will reveal the effects of his week on Stockton Aloe1…

Read the Stockton Aloe1 Story:

THE STOCKTON ALOE STORY began in 1941, when a chemical engineer suffered severe sunburn while vacationing in Florida. Finding no available product that could soothe the pain and help heal the burn, the chemist began seeking a cure … a search that would soon change his life and his career. Local residents told him of a Seminole Indian medicine man who relied on a special salve to treat burns, wounds, and intestinal disorders. The chemist collected a sample of the plant from which the salve was derived. Link

Learn from their library of free videos!

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Aloe on the beach, anyone?


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  1. Awesome interview Liam! I will definitely try their products. Gracias:)

  2. I totally ordered some lube, and other stuff, but only because I wanted the lube. 🙂