Talk, music, and more for less than a latte

SDP #4: Organic Guru Lynnette Pate and the Live Happy, Be Pure Festival April 3-5

Liam welcomes sex kitten and organic goddess Lynnette Pate from the “Live Happy, Be Pure” fest in Branson the first weekend in April. Don’t miss the black tie gala evening, with multi-course, farm-to-table, expertly prepared food in a haute couture, natural healing soiree. And stay for the two day festival, its speakers and hosts – our own Joni Abbott of 180 Radio, and comedy and music by the Three Redneck Tenors! You’ll hear from Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer, Dr. Patrick Vickers of the Gerson Clinic, and many more – and don’t forget, you’ll be getting some opera, Branson-style!

Live Happy, Be Pure Official Website.

Stay at the Lodge of the Ozarks in beautiful Branson at a special discounted rate. Get away to one of the entertainment and music capitals of United States – while learning about Permaculture! Local organic farming! And eating high-end, excellent food – with both plates for both carnivores, omnivores and vegans!

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Lynnette is founder of and bike-rider extraordinaire on the “Fuel for the Body Bike Tour,” the national event that’s coming to your town this summer. Follow and join the tour!

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