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SDP #5: You Down with CBD? Yeah, You Know Me! CBD Hemp Autism Wars and Jenny Webster

The always honest, open, colorful and delightful Jenny Webster is on to pull no punches in detailing the onset of autism in her son, and the effects of CBD oil. Yes, CBD, that glorious extract of hemp, legal in the 50 states and many imperial colonies of America. Liam and Jenny discuss the real-time, real-world, observable changes her teenaged son is experiencing with CBD oil. A friendly shout out to HempMedsPX while we’re at it!


Find Jenny at: Autism Wars Cibdex, consumer-strength Hemp oil.

And the strong stuff: RSHO!

Liam is an author, artist and radio/video host. He's done both serious investigative work, and writing about politics, culture, society and human sexuality, cinema and the arts. He is the author of “Official Stories,” a reverse textbook to all the tales we were taught in school. Find it at Amazon and online - because “official stories exist to protect officials.” Find Liam on Facebook.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jenny. We have to talk one day!
    All of a sudden, I don’t feel all alone in this war.
    Also thank you so much Liam for such a pleasant interview.
    (Oh..yes I also say bad words all the time;)