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SDP #6: Wildcraft Forestry with Don Elzer and Thalia Michelle

Don Elzer and Thalia Michelle join Liam to talk wildcrafting, forest gardening and reclaiming public land. Yes, you can walk into the forest and make a patch your own!

Our guest, Don Elzer, is a biosemiotician, essayist, philosopher, artist, innovator and poet from British Columbia. He is a pragmatist who has spent much of his life developing concepts that link deep ecology to mainstream culture and then putting them into practice. He is best known for his investigative research, his early promotion of permaculture and his ongoing work that links rural communities and First Nations to a local green-economy. He is also known as one of world’s first modern wildcrafters, creating a style of visual art made of natural material. Today, much of his time is spent at his wild tea permaculture plantation called the

Don Elzer website

Liam is an author, artist and radio/video host. He's done both serious investigative work, and writing about politics, culture, society and human sexuality, cinema and the arts. He is the author of “Official Stories,” a reverse textbook to all the tales we were taught in school. Find it at Amazon and online - because “official stories exist to protect officials.” Find Liam on Facebook.