Talk, music, and more for less than a latte

SDP #8: Alex Ojeda and Permaculture Jacksonville (and World) with Liam Scheff

Alex Ojeda of PermacultureJax in Jacksonville, Florida, joins us (while chopping wood!) to talk comfrey, Hugel beds, burying wood, planting trees and making the organic system that Nature gives us work with greater efficiency and productivity. We’re talking about ‘resilient’ and ‘regenerative’ systems – this is organic gardening at a new level of thought and integration.

The lessons from permaculture are immense and are indispensable  for our changing world. Do not miss this interview!
Sustainable North Florida

Enjoy this short video (Alex pops up after the 3rd minute).


Liam is an author, artist and radio/video host. He's done both serious investigative work, and writing about politics, culture, society and human sexuality, cinema and the arts. He is the author of “Official Stories,” a reverse textbook to all the tales we were taught in school. Find it at Amazon and online - because “official stories exist to protect officials.” Find Liam on Facebook.