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Self-Publishing Summit Day 1: Tom Corson-Knowles

Welcome to the Self-Publishing Summit, presented by Archangel Ink, the one stop shop for all your self-publishing needs.

Today we kick it off with one of the self-publishing world’s leading icons: Tom Corson-Knowles. Tom has had great success as a self-published author, and was so successful that he started getting approached by a lot of people wanting to know how he did it. Eventually he decided to put together a class to help share the insights he learned. This fantastic class is still available at Tom’s EBook Publishing School.

With all these great tools that Tom has made available, he still encounters many authors that simply don’t want to go to all the trouble to make covers, do SEO, write great copy, market their books, etc., and so he was compelled to start teaming up with authors to help them professionalize their self-published works and sell them more successfully through his new company, TCK Publishing.

But instead of rapping about various tools and strategies for successful publishing, Tom and I have a great talk more about the mindset and motivational aspects of really believing that you can build a successful career as a self-published author. At only 25 and a few months into publishing books on Kindle, Tom was raking in over $12,000/month in Kindle royalties. Today we talk about what it really takes to follow through and fulfill your goals and aspirations–as an author and in other endeavors. Everyone can learn a thing or two from Tom Corson-Knowles.