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Self-Publishing Summit Day 2: Derek Murphy

Welcome to the Self-Publishing Summit, presented by Archangel Ink, the one stop shop for all your self-publishing needs.

It’s the 2nd day, and Derek Murphy, talented cover designer and author with over a decade of experience working in the traditional publishing world as a designer and editor joins me. Derek is the voice behind the author help website Creativindie, and the author of Book Marketing is Dead with other author resource titles in the works.

In this discussion we both agree repeatedly that basics rule. Derek urges (okay, begs) authors to get the basics right before rushing around yelling at everyone to buy their books. Hear some of his secrets on book cover design and other aspects of publishing that he has observed, time and time again, to make a dramatic difference in the short and long-term viability of a published work–both fiction and nonfiction.

If you are wanting to take your writing career seriously, you can invest in the best with Derek. I mean, seriously, are these not the sickest book covers you’ve ever seen?

Now if Derek would just share the secrets to his incredible hair the world would really be a better place. Come on Derek! Share your secrets!