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Self-Publishing Summit Day 3: Steve Scott

Welcome to the Self-Publishing Summit, presented by Archangel Ink, the one stop shop for all your self-publishing needs.

It’s day 3, and in this conversation Steve Scott and I finally conjugate our multi-month bromance by having our first, long-awaited phone conversation. Steve is such a cool, genuine guy, and his methodical nature has yielded an incredible treasure trove for authors. If there is one Kindle author to pay close attention to for insights on what works and what doesn’t and how to target your efforts with laserlike focus on the high-payoff activities, Steve is your boy.

In this conversation we take a peek into the magical conversion kingdom of Steve’s world, discussing tools such as Slideshare that most authors aren’t leveraging to their advantage at all–meanwhile Steve is bringing in 30 new subscribers per day through Slideshare alone just by throwing a few biscuits in the general direction of his new virtual assistant, who is singlehandedly taking his “author business” to new dimensions.

Steve has been the single biggest influence on my author strategies, taking my website from gaining 5 new subscribers per day to a steady, passive 80 subscribers per day on a fifth of the traffic, on down to going out and recruiting a virtual assistant.

Steve is an amazing case, as he has built a book-selling empire from scratch in 20 months, and is well on his way to making $300k or more this year, all while enjoying regular trips to Costa Rica. Sound good? You’d listen to ol’ Steve-a-rooski if you knew what was good for ya. Got writer’s block? Steve’s busted out 40 books in the last 20 months. Like a boss. Less than a year and a half into his Kindle publishing career, Steve was not only one of the top 10 Amazon authors in Business and Money, he was TWO of them.

Okay fine, I’m totally in love with Steve. There, I said it. Listen up, and for more from Steve go get (and carefully read) his free book on Kindle publishing: 44 Answers to your Kindle Publishing Questions.