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Self-Publishing Summit Day 4: Michelle Weidenbenner

Welcome to Day 4 of the Self-Publishing Summit, presented by Archangel Ink, the one-stop shop for all your self-publishing needs.

Today we’ve got Michelle Weidenbenner, talented indie novelist, teen author mentor, and blogger at Random Writing Rants. I’ve actually met Michelle in person. I don’t know. It’s crazy. I’m so used to eMeeting everyone nowadays that meeting a real person in the real world is like reading a book in print, or, for those of you who’ve seen one in real life–a newspaper.

I kid. Sort of.

Michelle and I discuss mostly strategy and marketing, but with a little bit of a twist. We discuss the world of paid marketing. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “I ain’t payin’ nobody nuthin.” And, if that’s how you write, you probably will waste money trying to pay to have your book promoted.

But for a good book, if you remember those, it can pay itself back many times over. Learn how Michelle got 3,100 sales of her good book, Cache a Predator, in a matter of days just by parting ways with a few hundred dollars and letting someone else do all the hard work. Plus, I talk a lot (too much actually) about my own novel strategy that I employ that enables me to earn up to $2,000/month giving away my books for free! All that in more in Day 4.

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