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Self-Publishing Summit Day 5: Sol Orwell

It’s day 5 of the Self-Publishing Summit, presented by Archangel Ink, the one-stop shop for all your self-publishing needs.

Today I throw a little curveball at you fools. Up until now we’ve been focused, perhaps overly focused, on selling books at vendors like Amazon. And you’ve heard a lot of consistency about how you should publish book after book after book if you want to be successful as a self-published author.

I brought on Sol Orwell on behalf of the team at Examine to throw a huge wrench in your high-volume, churn and burn Kindle publishing tunnel vision. The boys over at Examine (and they now have a girl, bout time guys, things were getting a little weird) have done something incredibly unique and remarkable that’s had me sitting back and watching with pure awe as it’s unfolded.

These guys decided to patiently work on a book and a massive research undertaking, almost completely unprecedented in its scope, and spent over two years developing a 700-page book based on their in-depth analysis of over 30,000 research studies.

While for most, churning out lots of short books and publishing regularly is a safe bet, but when you go to the great lengths that these guys have in putting out breathtaking depth and quality, the world can’t help but reward you for your efforts. In nine months since its debut, their giant supplement reference manual has brought in over $400,000, and with 20,000 daily site visitors at, those sales won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Without further ado, here is Sol Orwell. Dedication + Quality + Patience = Success. Anyone interested in pursuing nonfiction writing needs to hear this…

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  1. Sol is a stone fox.
    And so is Matt.
    So this is a double win.
    deb xo