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Self-Publishing Summit Day 7: Robin Colucci

This is it! The last day of the Self-Publishing Summit, presented by Archangel Ink, the one-stop shop for all your self-publishing needs.

It’s Colucci time baby! Robin Colucci is the “Get Published Coach,” and she has been in the business of helping authors professionalize their work to the highest of standards for years. Robin provides an incredible service, mentoring authors and helping them reach their highest potential in both the self- and traditionally-published realms. I only wish I knew about Robin years ago. She could’ve saved me a half decade of sloppy mistakes and poorly-presented ideas!

Robin and I had never spoken before this call, and it was slow going at first as we started to warm up. But by the end we were blabbing like old friends and both felt that we put together a very useful 70 or so minutes of information for authors (active and aspiring alike).

In the conversation Robin answers big questions like:

  • How do you know if you should self-publish, or try to go with a publishing company?
  • For fiction authors, what are the absolute essential fundamental components of a good story (that many authors don’t even know!)?
  • What are some of the primary elements that a book MUST have to truly be professional enough to compete with traditionally-published books?

Listen now and listen carefully. This lady knows her stuff! For more check out her awesome book as well, How to Write a Book that Sells YOU