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More Input

More Input #4: Eating Disorder Recovery with Monica Rodriguez

Fresh episode of More Input, hosted by Matt Stone. King of the impossible. Today I’m joined by Clinical Nutritionist Monica Rodriguez, who recently recovered from an eating disorder after years of struggles with attempts at dietary perfection. The result of her perfect eating wasn’t perfect health, in […]

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More Input #3: Don’t Manage Stress, Eliminate it… with Doc Orman

Happy Stress Awareness Month everybody! Yeah, I know you needed to become more aware about all that stress you’ve been having! Joining me today is Mort “Doc” Orman, the founder and official sponsor of Stress Awareness month, and one of the most outspoken critics of “stress management” […]

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More Input #2: Debbie Young on Mike Tyson, Raw Milk, Veganism, and Leukemia

Wow. Get ready for a full hour of hilarious pointlessness, as Debbie Young, Facebook like world record holder (she doesn’t have the most likes, but has given out the most likes) and I discuss a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: Mike Tyson, veganism, […]

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More Input #1: Introduction from 180 Radio Founder Matt Stone

Hey boys and girls! Welcome to 180 Radio, my pretty new pet. This is my very first show. It’s kinda half-assed. More of an introduction to me and 180 Radio than anything else. I also give a little update on what I’ve been up to lately, and I […]

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