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The Backyard Farmer

The Backyard Farmer #5: Confessions of an Expert Homesteader with Wardee Harmon

For those times that your vegetable garden fails miserably, your chickens stop layin’ eggs, or your goat gets a case of the runs, you can rely on this episode of The Backyard Farmer to make you feel better. Wardee Harmon of the widely popular site, GNOWFGLINS, is an expert. […]

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The Backyard Farmer #4: Keeping Backyard Chickens in the City with Kelly Liston

Kelly Liston from Oh Lardy didn’t choose the chicken life, the chicken life chose her. She’s a backyard chicken owner who lives in the city, and she’s not afraid to admit it.  Her friends & family all think she’s crazy, but she knows it’s just a matter of […]

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The Backyard Farmer #3: How to Create a Self-Sustainable Community Farm

Have you ever wanted to share a sustainable farm with FIVE other families? C’mon, admit it. You totally have. Tiffany Murphy from The Healthy Honeys is doing just that. By sharing the load of farming work with five families, they’ve been able to create an (almost) completely self-sustainable farm. From […]

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The Backyard Farmer #2: Ariana Mullins on life in the English Countryside and how to become a Master at Foraging for wild food

Prepare to be amazed at the life & adventures of master forager, Ariana Mullins from the blog And Here We Are. She forages for berries, nettles, roots, herbs, greens, pine pollen, flowers, nuts and more! Using the world as her platter, she enjoys many different kinds of foods […]

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The Backyard Farmer #1: Shaye Elliott on Bull-Wrangling, Rabbit Butchering, & How to buy every farm animal imaginable.

Master blogger and cow-milker extraordinaire Shaye Elliott of The Elliott Homestead shares with us her deepest darkest secrets — about farming & life on the homestead. From her humble beginnings as a bull-rider, to her amazing rabbit-food-foraging adventures, Shaye takes us right into her home and gives […]

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