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No Borders #1: Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark on Paleo

Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark on Paleo

Most of you out there in the 180 world are already well-attuned to “paleo” living. If you’re not, this inaugural episode of No Borders with Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark is for you! Yeah, you! In this interview, Dr. Clark, a dude with an awesome accent and author […]

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180DegreeHealth #21: Middle-Aged Weight Loss with Lianda Ludwig

Today I’m joined by Lianda Ludwig, author of Diet Industry Lies that Make You Gain Weight. Lianda, a woman in her 60’s that spent the better part of her life trying to diet her way thin to no avail, has spent the last several years making peace […]

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180DegreeHealth #6: Ari Whitten, author of Forever Fat Loss

Today I talk with cap’n wax and tan, Mr. San Diego meets South Beach, Ari Whitten. Ari is the author of the recent hot-selling book Forever Fat Loss, a book that I’ve taken it upon myself to stand behind and endorse. While Ari and I obviously have […]

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